Welcome to our Q and A section of our website... We created this area after receiving several questions of concern regarding ordering social stationery. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions here for your convenience, with hopes that some of your main concerns will be answered here. If you still have concerns after reviewing these questions and answers, then please contact us for the answers to your questions.

Q): What should I do to prepare for my meeting with a TEOS Specialist?

A): The most important preparations step is to 1). come with a realistic budget. We say “realistic” because you must consider the type of design you want and the amount of work that must go into creating that design. 2). You should know the exact OR estimated amount of stationery you will need. 3). You should know the colors you would like to incorporate… If you are unsure or undecided, we have a color specialist team that can assist you as well. 4). Be aware that if you are needing certain types of stationery items in a short amount of time, you will assess an additional “rush fee” that is dependent on the allotted time given.

Q): When should I order my save-the-dates?

A): Officially speaking, the concept of “saving the date” is somewhat new. For weddings and other social functions, originally, one would send out the invitation well in advance of the event to allow their guests to make the specific arrangements. In more modern times however, people are now staying engaged for a longer period of time and prefer to send a “teaser” ahead of the invitation, to both officially announce their engagement and to inform their guests of the wedding date, the location, accommodations, etc. So in reality, you can order your save-the-dates almost 6 months in advance of your event, which will give you plenty of time to follow up with your official invitations.

Q): Are save-the-date cards/magnets even necessary?

A): The necessity of needing save-the-dates are dependent on the time frame you’re working with. If your event is 2 - 3 months away, we see no need for sending out save the dates. By this time, the invitations should have already been mailed to your guests and you should be receiving the RSVPs. Save the dates are a great way to alert people to your upcoming event, without having to go into the details such as you will have to do with the invites. So, are they necessary, no… however, they can be very useful for certain occasions.

Q): When should I order my wedding invitations? Is there a such thing as ordering them too soon?

A): Technically speaking, you can order your invitations as soon as you have booked the venue(s) where your event(s) will be held. However, if your event is over seven (7) months away, then ordering invitations this far in advance is a bit early. In these cases, we suggest to send out Save-the-Dates, and then follow up with the invitations closer to the date of your event.

Q): I sent out my invitations too far in advance, is there anything I can send to my guests as sort of a “reminder?”

A): Yes, you definitely have options in this situation. “Reminder” cards/magnets are the similar to “Save-the-Dates,” except they are sent out after the invitations have been sent. The reminders are simply sent to “remind” your guests about your upcoming event, as well as informing them of any additional information that may have been left out of the invites, or to inform them of changes since the invites were sent.

Q): I have been unable to find the type of stationery items I want, can you customize something for me?

A): Absolutely!!! We can create any style and design (color included) that you desire. The process begins with you meeting with one of our TEOS Specialist and discussing ideas for a particular design(s).

Q): I'm confused about the printing services you offer, are all the other styles of print neccesary, can I just use flat ink or will my stationery be socially unacceptable?

A): Absolutely not!! Flat printing is one of the more economical ways to go for printing, but it can still be professional and IS considered to be socially acceptable and within the proper etiquette guidelines. Whether you choose flat, digital, embossed, OR thermography your social stationery will be a cut above the rest! What should be your deciding factor is expense, not someone else's opinion on the style of print.

Q): What information is needed of me to complete my custom wedding program order?

A): We will need you to complete a worksheet and return it to your TEOS Specialist. From there, your specialist will complete the missing portions (if any) and will e-mail you a final proof; if possible, your TEOS Specialist may produce a sample for you to review. Once the proof has been approved, the final printing process can begin.

Q): Why do you NOT list the prices of your custom pieces, products, and services?

A): Every item we provide, is a custom piece, so it would be impossible to list a price for every potential stationery product. This is why we schedule meetings and compose proposals. The prices for different items are dependent on paper types, embellishments, print type, assembly/production time, etc. So there are no set prices, due to changes that may be made from the original design.

Q): I live out of town/state, can I still order custom pieces from your company?

A): We most certainly can assist you!! We do not mind working over the phone (and through e-mail, if necessary) to design your stationery needs.

Q): I love the all of the variety of colors offered and shown in your portfolio section, however, I DO NOT see my specific color scheme, can you still make something for me?

A): Yes, we can definitely assist you in finding your color choices and designing from there. There are thousands of styles of papers, ranging in colors, textures, design, weight, etc; so you are not limited to what is only shown in our portfolio.

Q): I am working with a very limited budget and I love your designs, however, I am concerned that I cannot afford some of your items. Do you have anything available for people in my situation?

A): We do have other options available. Our goal is to have our clients satisfied, and though you may be unable to purchase one design, however, we can tweak it, thereby making it affordable, but still with the look you desire.

Q): I love the items in your portfolio area, however, I want to design something different, other than what you have shown, can you assist me?

A): The TEOS Specialist staff can always assist you in designing any style of stationery you desire. You are never limited to what you see here, we can design virtually anything.

Q): Do you custom design, add your own touch to, any other items (ex: guest books and pens)?

A). Yes, we can put our own spin, so-to-speak, on many of your additional stationery pieces; even if that item is not officially listed in our products and services section.

Q): What is the difference between Itinerary Cards and Menu Cards? Furthermore, are either of these items really a necessity?

A). The Itinerary Cards lists the proposed scheduling for your event (i.e. a reception itinerary), very similar to the ceremony side of a wedding program. Itinerary cards allow your guests to know what festivities are to come throughout the day/evening. Menu Cards list the food, desert, and beverages that will be served during the breakfast, lunch, or dinner portion of your event. The menu typically does not list the hors d’oeuvres or any other specialty items being served. The Necessity of either: To be honest, we (here at TEOS) feel that an Itinerary Card, Menu Card, or both are necessary because they are an accessory piece, that are a part of your décor. Either item can "dress up" any table with OR without the use of chargers. For instance: either item can add an additional pop of color (possibly your accent color or a contrasting color) to the tables, without being too overwhelming.